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My name is Stewart Stevens, and I've been using Shaklee Products since 1982. Back then I had the "normal" 3 or 4 colds per year and a weakness where I would get ear infections on a regular basis.

Since switching brands to Shaklee, I improved my health, learned to listen to my body, and in the last 20 years, I've only had to miss work because of being sick 5 or 6 times! 

I no longer worry about my immune system or being around sick people, because Shaklee helps keep me super healthy.

After being laid off from the "Corporate World" where I was a training facilitator and project manager, I started my own business as a massage therapist.  I started letting my clients know about these great products that had helped me so much, and they continued to reorder on their own.  Pretty soon I had a nice second income and realized that I was HAVING A BLAST helping people with their health, empowering them to make their lives better, and earning a residual income at the same time. 

I just love the F-R-E-E-D-O-M of being able to set my own schedule, be my own boss, and never have to commute again!  I also love being able to "give myself a raise" any time I want.  But most of all, I love helping people improve their health, their environment, their lifestyle, and helping them make their dreams come true.

Even after all these years, I continue to be extremely impressed with Shaklee... the company, the people, the leadership, their principles of Living In Harmony with Nature, their commitment to scientific integrity, and the way they do business by The Golden Rule.

I'm especially impressed by the excellent quality, safety and effectiveness of their products.  And I know you will be too.  They truly make a remarkable difference.



Our Mission


We do this by:


The Shaklee Difference

The Shaklee Difference applies both to the healthy, natural solutions we offer (100% guaranteed to work) as well as the way we offer them (by developing relationships and providing caring service and support).

Shaklee products are top quality; the Shaklee Philosophy is grounded in nature, "thoughtsmanship" and the Golden Rule; and the income opportunity allows you to work when and how you want, so you can succeed in the way that works best for you.

So whether you are looking to:  

  • improve your health
  • feel younger & live longer
  • look beautiful naturally
  • improve your environment
  • protect the planet
  • help others
  • save money
  • earn free products
  • make some extra income
  • have a rewarding new career, or 
  • create passive income and financial freedom...

... we can help!

So let's talk with you about your situation, what you're looking for, and  how we can help you to improve your life and make your dreams come true!