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In 1999, multi-billionaire Roger Barnett began a FIVE YEAR QUEST to find a business opportunity that would enable him to truly make an impact (help make the world a better place), while at the same time being incredibly successful financially. 

He spent $20 million, looked at thousands of different companies, in hundreds of different industries, and almost gave up.  Nothing he saw met his high standards.  But then he found Shaklee.

When Roger took over Shaklee in 2004, he said he would invest like crazy to advance our leadership position and make us stand out so far ahead of the crowd that people all around the world would be standing in line to join Shaklee.

And that's exactly what he's doing.  In just the last couple of years, two Nobel-prize laureates, powerful TV personalities, and even Presidents have started to take notice and have commended Shaklee for their incredible leadership. 

But we ain't seen nothin' yet!

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